Marty Casey & Lovehammers DVD - .....And The Rest Is History

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Marty Casey & Lovehammers DVD - 2006

Sold individually - ....AND THE REST IS HISTORY

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....The Rest Is History DVD

Released in 2006.
The DVD will contain live footage, old "historic" footage, interviews, a tour of where we grew up as well as where we started playing gigs, and a lot of other fun things.....Dino Kourelis

Fan Reviews

Heidi Pennsylvannia
L ive (must see)
O utrageous
V ery Hot
E engergtic as ever
H appy
A must have
M agnificent 4
M agical
E ver the entertainers
R ockin'
S exy as always

Rest Is History.............Must Have........Don't Wait 4ever to own this piece of history of the Lovehammers! 

Scott Seattle, Wash.  "Electrifying and Mezmerizing, "And the Rest is History" is filled full of Rock! Once you get past the opening credits and the first song "Straight as an Arrow" starts, your Hooked!! Recommended to any fan of excellent and diverse modern day rock music. This Lovehammers DVD will blow you away. Check it out! I promise you wont be let down!" Two thumbs up!!!...

By tamtam
I laughed.
I cried.
It was better than CATS.

Julie in CT  The Rest is History DVD......get your hands on Lovehammers, look into the past, present and future. Feel like you're right there! Get a high without a hang over, true energy!

By Mezmerized What do you get when you mix 4 very sexy, talented guys, a bunch of screaming Hammerhead fans and a video cam? You get a action pack DVD called "The Rest Is History" This DVD will take you into the making of The Lovehammers. So don't just sit there being that hole in the wall buy one today and GET HAMMERED

CJ Oregon Coast, USA Whether you have already seen Lovehammers live or are still waiting for the chance -- the DVD ". . . and the rest is history" is the perfect chance to get a taste of what a live show is like. The showmanship of a Marty Casey performance - along with the talents of Dino and Bobby and Billy - are perfectly showcased in the selected tunes from the October 2006 HammerJam. And, the behind-the-scenes glimpses of how the band got started and the memorable locations throughout Chicago that they share with us allow us as fans to see them as people as well as rock stars. This DVD is an essential piece of any Lovehammer fan's collection.

Angela Valencia, CA This DVD truly captures the essence of Lovehammers. Hammerjam was an unforgettable concert, and being able to re-live those moments was amazing! The selection of songs that made it to the DVD were chosen perfectly, as there is a bit of both the past and present thrown in. Their performances were very real and very raw, and the behind-the-scenes clips made it complete. These guys are seriously down-to-earth and it was great to see them in another element. If you're a Lovehammers fan, watching this is going to make you love them even more. And then some.

By Nancy from Southern Illinois I LOVE IT. It allows me to relive the magic of Hammerjam, feel that energy, and love those moments again. I LOVE IT. Seeing Dino throw Bob's bike in the road was HILARIOUS. It showed the hearts of all the Lovehammers when growing up and living on. Their remembrance of Paula was a tribute that I'm sure she'd be proud of, and touched my heart deeply. I LOVE THE DVD.

Sharon Indiana,USA Very simply.......... seeing the performance of Ultrsound is worth every penny of the purchase price. Then you have tons of highlights to watch and re-watch. This is a very tight little band with a "force of nature" as the front man.There are plenty of laughs to be had from all the side stories as well.

Morris Green Beamsville, Ontario Canada This is a must have DVD!! It captures the essence of the Lovehammers from their early beginnings to where they belong in the Rock and Roll scene today. After watching you will see that they are destined to be among some of the great rock bands of our time. Whether you're already a fan or if you are just discovering the lovehammers for the first time, this DVD is a great piece of memorabilia and will make you want for more!! Rock On!!

Tricia North Carolina Re-live the magic of Hammerjam. This DVD has everything for Lovehammer fans and soon-to-be Lovehammer fans. See the history of the band and all the sights and sounds of an unforgettable concert.

Rachael (Isa) TEXAS LOVEHAMMERS...and the rest is history DVD is SUPERB! Wonderful flashback to Hammer Jam in Chicago. Lovehammers Rocked the House, each one in their great fantastic way. Accoustic sets are an absolute must watch part. Love the WHOLE DVD!!!!

Paula in Maine You owe it to yourself to get hammered with the rest of us who have changed our lives for the better, thanks to this band's unique "way of being". Get it. Watch it. Change your life.

Brenda Toronto, Ontario Canada Having not yet seen a Lovehammers concert I thought the DVD was amazing. Can't wait to see them live! Enjoyed hearing about the history of the band. Loved the accoustic part as well.

Liz Central Florida This DVD was amazing!!!! This was my first peek at a “live” show. For those who have not been to a concert, buy this DVD. You will be glad that you did. Lovehammers explode on stage and this DVD truly highlights each band member. Ultrasound alone is worth every penny. Loved the footage of their history growing up in Chicago, it really showcased their personalities. Who knew that Bobby was such a chatty guy???

Joseph Chicago, Illinois NICE GUYS GET GRITTY ONSTAGE. There’s great music and footage on this raw, but delicious DVD by the Lovehammers. See onstage and offstage antics and bits of history of the band.

Dawn St. Louis MO. I loved the dvd, It tells you a story about the Lovehammers, great music, great fans, it shows you how the guys feel about there fans, and that they love what they are doing. I have seen there band 10 times, and i will see them as many times as i can. I have fun with the hammerheads , the people that follow the band.they are a lot of fun. and if the band has a meet and greet, and you get to meet them. , what could be better then that. maybe a picture are an autograph. they do that to. they are the coolest guys i have ever met.and last im in the dvd, and that is killer

By HY And the Rest is History is a fantastic DVD. Lovehammers bring you into their world and really make you feel as if you are a part of their lives. The concert footage is amazing - not only watching Hammerjam again, but seeing how the dividing line between band and fans almost disappears. The dvd pulls you in, hooks you tight and never lets go!

Robin in Southern IL I am new to the LoveHammers, so this DVD was all new and exciting for me. There are clips of concert footage and the band looks like a great live band in concert. The acoustic session of 3 songs is very down to earth. The LoveHammers DVD is something that any fan will enjoy. The tour around to their old hangouts is interesting....and there's a bit of comedy. Fans from any part of their career will get something out of this DVD.

Jenny, in Sarasota, Fl. I loved the DVD because it showed LH really sharing something with us, their fans. Being from Florida, I missed out on the early Chicago years. So, it was great to see some of the place that meant a lot to them.

Sharon Corpus Christi, Tx Weather you have never been to a live show or you just want to relive LoveHammers live, this DVD 'The Rest is History' is a must have! And the guys antics while showing us old stomping grounds was so much fun to watch, again and again.

Debbie Phila, PA. Ahhh the DVD what can I say? It rocks!! It was great to see Hammerjam and reliving the moment! The guys taking us thru their old stomping grounds was the best. They bring you in to their lives, and make you feel apart of the Lovehammer family! A must have!

Angel from New Jersey If you haven't gotten the opportunity to see Lovehammers live, this is your chance. Experience the pure energy! A chance to see why they are so loved by their fans.

Donna, Canada And The Rest is History is a combination of Energy, History and Adrenalin. A must have for any Lovehammers fan.

Kate Southern Ontario, Canada This DVD truly rocks. It is a combination of all that is Lovehammers; featuring energetic, honest, raw, live performances, enhanced by a fun accounting of the band's history and backstage glimpses. Second only to being in a venue at a live performance, it is a definite must for any Lovehammers fan and is sure to hook many new fans.